Alligators Return & The Home Intruder

So, a continuing theme of fear in my dreams — nightmare if you will — is that of alligators. Living in Florida, and having seen them in their natural environment (and NOT their natural environment, except that we’ve pretty much built homes in the swamp), it’s not a good fear to have. The irony is, I have a bit of an affinity towards Peter Pan. I just love the characters of the actual original story, I get the psychological analogies, and I’ve seen the dynamic played out in a freakishly accurate manner in my own life (not to mention, I proposed to my soon-to-be ex-wife on the Peter Pan ride with a thimble). My wife’s father was Captain Hook, her sister was Tinker Bell, and I was and to some extent still suffer from a bit of a Peter Pan complex.

So it’s scary to me that Tick-Tock the Crocodile (hey, they’re similar enough to scare me equally, alligators and/or crocs), who kind of symbolizes the marching on of time, which is coming for the aged Hook, is constantly a dream fear of mine. As I get older, I wonder if this is because I’m now looking at the top of THAT hill coming up, and though I am far from “old”, I am very close to no longer being in any way considered “young”.

Or it could just be because living, breathing mini-dinosaurs that eat meat and can barrel roll you into the dark waters with their jaws that have thousands of pounds of pressure per square inch… are just really friggin terrifying is all.

Mothers & Alligators

I don’t remember much of the dream, I just remember being in a large, wood cabin kind of room. There were huge dogs and/or friendly bears in the room with us. My mother opens the outside door and enters, with a giant, old and “feeble” alligator. I’m mortified and acknowledging that this is my nightmare animal, and yelling at her to take it back outside. I’m not sure why I didn’t grasp that this was a dream, but nonetheless, I just went along with it. She tried defending it by saying it was too old and weak to do any real damage. I may have thought for a split second that this would be a good opportunity to get over my fears (though I did once, during a lucid dream, purposefully creature a MONSTROUS alligator, and went full Superman on it… and this banished the fear for a long time…), but soon the damned thing had one of the bears’ heads in it’s mouth. The bear didn’t seem like it was in a lot of pain, but it was angry and I kept thinking the bite could get worse and I was shouting at it and my mother for bringing it in.

Huge Ghostly Home Intruder… Not as Scary

Describing this now scares me more than the gator dream, and yet the first dream was far more upsetting when I had it than this one…

I was having a bit of a false awakening, but what’s strange is, a loud banging noise is what “woke me up”, but I was so surprised and still feeling like I had sleep paralysis, and couldn’t move. I was just able to turn my neck in the direction of the burst of sound, and saw my bedroom window blasted open, with a 7-8 foot shadowy figure taking giant steps onto and over the bed. This literally gives me the chills now, but at the time I thought, “Oh cool, I’m dreaming, let me convert this right now,” and by the time the person got to my side of the bed and stepped off of it, I think it was my wife, or someone I wouldn’t mind being here with me. So what should have been a horrifyingly scary dream made me happy at the time, and now went from giving me chills… to making me tear up a bit.

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