A Return to Lucids

Back to my regularly planned lunacy…

After the divorce, I was about as far from wanting to do dream work as possible. I just wanted to sleep the night away, and certainly didn’t want to have to have active encounters with my ex, and least of all with myself.

But then I started to realize the only dreams I COULD remember on a nightly basis were those pertaining to my ex or other lost loves, and so I realized I would have to exorcise her and these things from my dreams by consciously confronting them.

This is going to be an uphill battle, as I am far removed from the active training I once had. But after nights and weeks of trying, I had a WBTB (Wake Back to Bed), wherein I imagined my face pressed hard against the crevace of my waterbed (which I haven’t had since I was a teenager), and the lights caused by this slowly shifted, and I woke into my apartment from a few years back when I began lucid dreaming again (and this blog).

I realized the lights were all on and I jumped up, did a little happy dance, walked out into the living room, and waltzed straight up to a mirror. It wasn’t scary, and for the most part, nothing freaky happened. I looked younger, and that was amusing. Lastly, I kissed myself (the reflection was nowhere near as close to me as it should have been, all things considered), and soon I drifted to the waking world.

Not a major lucid, but such is the beginning of a long road back. But this time, I’m bringing Carl Jung and a more active imagination. 

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