A Couple Random Dreams

I dreamt I was on my old back porch from when I was a teenager. It was night, but everything was well lit. At the end of the porch was a large birdcage (which probably was there originally, as my parents had just about every animal known to man at various points). An orange cat I had from when I was in my 20s was trying to get at the bird in the cage. I called to him, “Jack!”

Last night, I dreamt I kept myself so busy all night, so much so that the sun was up, and I was going to get absolutely no sleep before an 8 hour work shift. It filled me with so much dread, when I woke up, I still felt it. I had forgotten my dream, but felt anxious. I did my best to remember what I had just dreamt, and soon remembered looking into a bedroom and seeing my mother trying to sleep, which was near the end of my dream, and the rest came back to me. It was a relief to know why I felt a sense of dread, and I was able to rest awhile longer before it was actually time for me to get up and go to work. 

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