A Small Sadness and Bizarre Anger

All I can remember pulling out of my subconscious mind early in the morning hours, were tiny portions of two separate dreams.

In the first, I lay down on top of a wife (note, not an ex-wife, just A wife) and our daughter, who was laughing. At that moment, I thought, this is happiness. The dream itself was all too brief, but cram packed with sentiment, and later in the morning when I had remembered it, I was saddened by the “reality”. However, later on my way to work, I listened to a fellow explorer of inner space on YouTube, who reminded me that many of the past magic schools questioned the “certainty” of this supposedly material plane of existence. And of course many of the world’s philosophers have wondered if this “reality” is not the dream, etc., etc.

Point is, I’m no longer sad, and it now feels like a fun little alternate/multiverse reality I was able to visit briefly.

The second dream was mostly silly. I believe the general layout of the home was a townhouse that my father had back when I was around 10 years old, but instead of that side of my family being in it, relatives from my mother’s side were in it. I opened the upstairs bathroom door (now that memory serves me, awkwardly placed right at the top of the stairs, adjacent to the living room/dining room. Nonetheless, I opened the door to use the bathroom, and the lights were out, but my nephew (now grown up, but my memory of him is still at roughly 5 years old) on the toilet, all screaming at me because I’m walking in to an OPENED bathroom with no lights on. I was pissed in returned and yelled something to the effect of, “Shut the @*$! up! Why’d you leave the door unlocked moron!” And he grabbed something that now my mind can’t seem to recall, but it was almost like his training potty, I want to say, and raised it above his head in protest, but he hadn’t used it yet, so he just walked out with it above his head.

He then placed it on the ground and it was a small race car, and he drove off into a room down the hall/balcony.

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