Dead Loves Ones, and Mind Gaps

Just as I was starting to get better dream recall and even a brief lucid dream, I have caught the flu. This has given my dreams the smack down. It seems to me, the first month I had started this blog, I also got sick, causing a similar stepping stone (no, there is not a connection between lucid dreaming and catching colds or the flu, but likely several things conspire to keep you off a path of this kind of Dream Work).

So, we work/fight through it and do as best as we can, until once again, BAM! The dreams come back online. That having been said, I do recall some interesting facts about last night’s dream that are worth recording (and to be fair, ALL dreams are worth your recording, it strengthens dream recall, even if all you can remember from the night before is feelings or emotions).


My uncle, who has been passed away for some time now, was a very large man. He was tall and had a big frame, and always a big eater (he coped with his past by eating, while his sister, my mother, coped with alcohol). In my dream, I was stranded off an exit, only about a mile or two from where I actually wanted to be. I decided to suck it up, and start walking. Here’s where the logic (and possibly the flu’s influence) gets fuzzy, but welcome to dreams, fool.

My uncle was a good 7-8 feet tall in this dream, and though hefty, was more of a jolly giant hefty than debilitatingly obese. I do not remember if he was driving and got out of his truck to help me, or if he was just jogging down the interstate, but I do remember him offering to let me climb up on his back, and that he would piggyback ride me to where I was going. I said I felt a bit old for that, but he said nonsense. So he jogged me a ways, and I stopped him at a point saying, “This can’t be healthy for you, let’s just walk together the rest of the way.”

Later, I was at my exit. I was (and by the way, I’m remembering yet another dream AS I’m writing this, so yes, Dream Journaling is a MUST for Dream Recall, do it. Do. It.), I was possibly meeting an ex (yes, an ex at the exit), it’s fuzzy. I do remember trying to explain “my day” to her, and first I said, “So, I saw my uncle earlier,” to which she replied, “He’s looking pretty bad.” I said, “Um, no, actually, he was looking surprisingly strapping. He jogged me here, in fact.”

I then made an effort to recall the connective points in my day that led to my being stranded, but couldn’t. I tried remembering if my uncle left his truck on the interstate, or if he had been vehicle-less too, but couldn’t. I then said, “I have gaps in my memory… that’s not… that’s not good.”

Never making the connection that I had been, and was still, dreaming. ::sigh::

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