“Family” Fun & Strange Lucidity

Too Many Puppies

I dreamed that a strange mixture of alive and dead family families, as well as complete strangers, a friend, and… The Weeknd(?) were all together (at a house/location I don’t recognize) for some sort of family get-together.

Unfortunately everybody had a dog it seemed, and all of them were running a muck. I tried being cordial and social, and only really remember fixing a ceiling fan from making a weird noise. I adjusted something on it and said something stupid in either a British or German accent, “I think I’ve found ze defect,” people laughed.

I found some excuse to get out of the room, and found myself just wanting to write music. I was obsessed with a beat. After awhile, however, I heard my friend saying something loudly, “He’s prolly in here playing with his lil’ balls or something,” and I groaned. My grandmother (dead) and mother were out there for god’s sakes man, ugh.

Strange Exploration

Later I had a dream I was coasting above a ghostly mass of peoples, who were just idling through their commutes, almost in a kind of dance. It was spectral in appearance, with auras and colors coming to life, and not “spooky” (though to some extent, I suppose it did look a little bit like Disney’s Haunted Mansion meets Koyaanisqatsi).

As I flew above it all, the sensation of flying was enough to bring me “online”, and I realized I was dreaming. The dream was too interesting to interrupt, however, so I continued flying through what did start to appear to be a sort of sad, Limbo-like world.

I landed, and walked up to a shore-line. Across the waters I could see a shining, Utopian metropolis, and so I flew to it instead. Once there, the temptation to slip into “the mix” and forget I was dreaming was very strong, so I did (what I believe was) my first actual reality check of this year. Looking at my hands, I sure enough couldn’t get all 10-fingers to hold position/number.

I began walking around, and started getting some odd looks. I could tell this wasn’t going to end well, but figured I’d just go with it for awhile. I walked into what was a sort of high-end department store, and pretty quickly was asked by the manager (interestingly, played by the teacher from Stranger Things) to come with him. I was starting to lose lucidity, simply because I really hate being profiled or having others assume wrong-doing on my part, so by the time we stepped into a side room with another female associate, I was too consumed with where the dream was going than remembering it was just a dream I could end anyhow I wished at any time.

“What do you have in your pockets? Huh? What’s in your jacket there??” He asked, unzipping and pulling at my clothes.

My own items, a pair of headphones, old gloves, nothing of interest, fell out. Then suddenly a large woman’s purse still with a price tag came falling out too.

“What the hell do I need with that?? I didn’t steal that!” I said.

“Uh huh, sure!” They replied. I thought this Utopia was a bit cliche, but an interesting visit nonetheless.

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