Interesting Failed WILD

For the first time in a LONG time, I’ve tried a little closer to the full work I used to do for an entire “Wake, Back to Bed” and “W.I.L.D.” (Wake Initiated Lucid Dreaming). I will attempt to add the few remaining tools and tricks for a more complete attempt, and see how long before it works.

On a whim, I woke up, probably around 6am or so. It was completely dark out still, and the sound of an automatic timer aroma spray (which goes off every 30 minutes) in my room woke me up, and I had to use the restroom.

I couldn’t remember any of my dreams whatsoever, but my “sit up” pillow was nearby, I had my Isochronic Tones song at the ready, and decided upon returning to bed, I would do my utmost to make a fuller return to my former practices for lucidity. Though I didn’t take any if my supplements (as I had been taking them in the daytime for cognitive and mental focus already), and I didn’t have any Mugwort or Hershey’s chocolate, nor any 100% Apple Juice, I WAS determined to put on my headphones, and listen to my 30 minute “Alpha/Theta/Beta” waves songs which ends in sounds of nature, with a subtle, distant thunderstorm sound app (NatureSpace) playing overtop.

I laid partially sitting up, I focused on not moving a muscle. After a couple of times needing to swallow saliva and just get into that meditative zone, the song had progressed about 12 minutes. I can tell due to various cues. I knew I hadn’t moved and was tired, but I felt like I could probably lay there for forever with no success, but I allowed my mind to wander ever so slightly.

Though zero movement, no rolling over, etc., is important, there is a point when one toe should wiggle for a second. A pinky every other measure or so. Just enough to mimic actually falling asleep, at which points usually the brain starts vibrating those appendages and putting the body into sleep paralysis.

Though I did feel vibrations and heaviness in my left hand, and an overall tingling over my body, and even some hypnogogic lights, the brain, ever the prankster and tester of whether I’m TRULY asleep, busted out a new trick I haven’t had it try on me. I would dip slightly below the subconscious line and come back up, and this is usually when we’d start getting into the real fun and trippy stuff.

Instead, the brain decided to double check and make sure I was really asleep. I was ready for almost anything. “Voices”, a strong desire to roll-over, the infamous cannon blast. The tickles and sensations of a hair or bug occurred, no problem to overcome. But instead, it pulled a new trick. My body became VERY warm. I wasn’t angry or upset, but it felt like I had grown extremely mad, where the skin heats up. I’ve come to even find the actually physical sensations that come with anger fascinating, and though I wasn’t mad, I was growing uncomfortable.

It’s okay, I told myself, this too is very interesting. Let it run it’s course, I kelt thinking. I heard the 30 minute song finish, now it was just NatureSpace. I imagined myself in a cabin, on a sunny but rainy day. I’d rather “wake up” into that dream than just THIS room. The aroma spray went off again. I could tell how long I’d been laying perfectly still due to this 30 minute interval sound, and it wasn’t what Lucid Dreamers refer to as a buoy or anchor alarm, I was still perfectly attentive.

I’d risk allowing myself to dip below the line of consciousness, but when I’d bounce back, the heat would increase.

“God damn you brain!” I chuckled to myself. I had one a few blankets, but the house is always at about 60 degrees, and I *KNEW* I wasn’t actually hot.

Eventually, the timed aroma-spray went off again, I could guesstimate myself having laid there for an hour and a half. The heat and discomfort was strong. I was NOT falling asleep like that. Fair enough, you win this time, Brain.

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