Some Fun, Next Level ɥɔǝ⊥

So I’ve been lousy at keeping up here, and sure enough the dreams dissipated. Additionally, cannabis really does seem to repress dream recall, and the general “strength” of dreams. At least for me.

Annoyances with the dreams in particular were starting to cause me to grow impatient, while I got back in good “Oneironeer” form. I wasn’t going in with intention or a plan, just a desire to reclaim some lucidity. I had gotten some unusual reactions from the brain/body, while attempting W.I.L.D.s, but I hadn’t successfully “wilded”.

I did have a few minor lucid dreams, but we were supposed to be evicting people from our psyche, or at least pacifying whatever unresolved issues I may suffer from, and perhaps even beginning the “Choose Your Own Adventure” of creating a sort of “hypersigil” for my various life-paths, in some grand interactive Eternal Champion story in these lucid dreams. But I was merely flying around again, and interacting with “none player characters”, etc.

And then I learned about the “Wim Hof Method” for breathing, and taken to some intense levels, you can (at least temporarily) have a pretty lucid “trip”, via saturating your body with oxygen, and the expelling of lots of co2.

I’m not going to discourage or encourage it’s use, I’ll just explain my own experience. I first learned about it through a series of down the rabbit hole YouTube videos, and saw Wim “The Iceman” Hof on Joe Rogan’s podcast, where Wim instructs Joe in the breathing method. Joe held his breath for over 3 minutes after the exercise, and was able to do so because the method causes you to absorb an abundance of oxygen, not to mention changes your heart rate several times, but in a good way.

I then found a YouTube video using a variation of Wim Hof’s tech, that’s about 30 minutes long. Following the breathing patterns of the video, I began to charge up SO. MUCH., that my extremities tingled to the point of vibration, feeling almost identical to a pre-launch for a Wake Initiated Lucid Dream.

I kept seeing if I could cause the rocking “motion”, like the sensation of laying on a raft and the waters giving a bit of waves. Unfortunately, the physical was still very real, other than feeling like a sleeping Super Saiyan. I kept expecting to finally discover a difference between lucid dreams and what people swear are a separate thing, “astral projection”.

Instead, I saw lots of lights. Wonderful symmetry, patterns. Blossoms of lights, like nuclear winter, exploding in my closed eye-lids, and then a shape or two. Was I hearing things? I kept expecting to. Then a silhouette in front of one of these apocalyptic stars going super nova.

The most tangible body high I’ve ever had, excepting perhaps those angry teachers, those last mushrooms and the morning glory seeds, who both felt like flu and exhaustion, physically. This was much, much nicer than that.

After the quasi-launch, it slowly fades away. Physically, afterwards, you feel rather nice. Energized even. It’s an adrenaline/DMT/oxygen cocktail! And it may not be the best thing to try at 3:30am, but I’m pretty stupid sometimes.

I’m going to experiment with this long-form, guided video for “DMT Breathing”. The similarities between it and some of the lucid dreaming techniques I’ve seen or tried are very interesting.

Take note, however, my second attempt was not MERELY as impressive. I may have to customize the breathes or rhythm. I’m positive now that Tantric such as the “Breathe of Fire”, etc., are very real, and am fascinated by what other fun breathing tech that might be worth trying out!

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