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Alligators Return & The Home Intruder

So, a continuing theme of fear in my dreams — nightmare if you will — is that of alligators. Living in Florida, and having seen them in their natural environment (and NOT their natural environment, except that we’ve pretty much … Continue reading

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Marital Separation, Long Lucids and Unhappy/Happy Dreams

Well, despite having a few followers, I mostly still feel like this is a glorified diary and record of dreams. Which, if “all” it was was a record of my dreams, it’s existence would be validated — but right now … Continue reading

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Macaws and Rickshaws

A quick variation on my “Road to Nowhere” dreams (where I am either lost and/or taking a LONG time trying to get somewhere not very far away), was last night’s dream in which I was going to provide a family … Continue reading

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Flying Cat Monkeys

Okay, not QUITE that exciting… In between my last post and the nightmare post before it’s dreams, I dreamt that I got up to use the restroom. I was disoriented in the bathroom, as my brain suddenly forgot which side … Continue reading

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A Week of DreamZ, in One Night

So I used the DreamZ app all week. You are to place your iPhone (still plugged into the wall) face down under your bed sheets. It never cued up any dreams with the sounds it provided, or the ones I … Continue reading

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Sorry I’m Asleep Right Now, I’m Walking Into Spider-Webs…

A few nights ago, I dreamt I was walking through mall-like shops, as I was attempting to text my friend in lucidity (see “I Was Awaken Into a Nightmare“) about a DREAM I thought I remembered having, in which Steve … Continue reading

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Only TWO Lucid Dreams in TWO Months?!

Well, in all honesty, I haven’t been trying. I let it fall by the wayside for several reasons. First of all, it’s surprisingly been a lot of work, half-asleep recording my dreams, acknowledging as many as possible, writing them all … Continue reading

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