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Sleep Paralysis, Ego Loss Hint & The Teenage Dream

As I am mostly over being sick, there’s little excuse for not having written SOMETHING about every night’s dreams, whether merely a feeling, emotion, image, symbol, etc., etc. But there is something inherently easy about forgetting what we dream. Likewise, … Continue reading

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HEROIC DOSE Report vs. Dreaming

And that’s when I lost my mind… Continue reading

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Record Dreams + Think of Lucidity = Lucid Dreams

So as if to prove how easy attaining lucid dreams can be, after months of not recording my dreams, I post ONE summary of two nights worth of dreams, go to sleep thinking about becoming aware that I’m dreaming, and … Continue reading

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Ultimate Nightmare for the Experienced Dreamer

To be fair, I do not truly think I am an “experienced dreamer”, in that I typically have little control even within my lucid dreams, of such things as surroundings and what goes on within those dreams. Sometimes, I can … Continue reading

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Shooting for Superman, I Get His Writer in Rehab…

Well, the Apples didn’t blow me away last night. However, I did definitely dream. Ate an apple before bed. I used the “WBTB” (wake, back to bed) method, waking up 5 hours after I went to bed, I drank some … Continue reading

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