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Sleep Paralysis, Ego Loss Hint & The Teenage Dream

As I am mostly over being sick, there’s little excuse for not having written SOMETHING about every night’s dreams, whether merely a feeling, emotion, image, symbol, etc., etc. But there is something inherently easy about forgetting what we dream. Likewise, … Continue reading

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Alligators Return & The Home Intruder

So, a continuing theme of fear in my dreams — nightmare if you will — is that of alligators. Living in Florida, and having seen them in their natural environment (and NOT their natural environment, except that we’ve pretty much … Continue reading

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Shout It Out Loud

A very short, but amusing lucid dream — no doubt brought on by the previous post’s dream. I dreamt I was getting up in the dark to go to the bathroom. But as I turned on the bathroom light and … Continue reading

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Flying Cat Monkeys

Okay, not QUITE that exciting… In between my last post and the nightmare post before it’s dreams, I dreamt that I got up to use the restroom. I was disoriented in the bathroom, as my brain suddenly forgot which side … Continue reading

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Ultimate Nightmare for the Experienced Dreamer

To be fair, I do not truly think I am an “experienced dreamer”, in that I typically have little control even within my lucid dreams, of such things as surroundings and what goes on within those dreams. Sometimes, I can … Continue reading

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Celebrity Roast at the La Quinta

The other night, my friend was texting me before we both went to sleep, concerning dreams and lucidity in an attempt to spark such dreams that night. In my case, it worked. I attempted to wake up and focus on … Continue reading

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Off and On, Like Bus Transfers

I find that since I’ve got a lot of guilt and worries running through my head due to having just been laid off of work after 5 years with the company, and being unemployed while my wife is going off … Continue reading

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