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A Wondrous Lucid (Losing a Loved One), and Panic Attacks (Psychosis?)

Discovering that your happy marriage was all a sham, and that your closest partner in life not only doesn’t want to be with you anymore, but has probably already replaced you… that’s soul crushing. Giving a voice to the meaner … Continue reading

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Marital Separation, Long Lucids and Unhappy/Happy Dreams

Well, despite having a few followers, I mostly still feel like this is a glorified diary and record of dreams. Which, if “all” it was was a record of my dreams, it’s existence would be validated — but right now … Continue reading

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More Service Industry Nightmares

One of the first dreams I recorded on this blog, over a year ago, involved me freaking out in a restaurant over poor service. The other night’s dream was similar but instead of devolving into Robert DeNiro, I became Al … Continue reading

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How the Unconscious Unravels

I’m coming up on a year of “oneironeering”. Interestingly, “Oneironaut” and some other terms came up over a year ago when I was Googling and searching for names, but when I came up with Oneironeer and searched it, it simple … Continue reading

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Natural Dream Recall Method (w/Lucidity)

Okay, in two to three months I’ve learned some pretty obvious stuff, some talked about on other websites, and one or two things that help me personally with all this dream stuff. First of all, 2 & 1/2 months isn’t … Continue reading

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Week of Redemption (Lucid Dream #10 and Near WILD!)

So last week I was negligent and didn’t write ANY of my dreams out, and barely recorded any down. It was a stressful week and I didn’t want to bother with getting up from bed to record them into a … Continue reading

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Another Muddy, but Lucid Dream

So last night (2/8/11), I failed to get up at 4.5 hours and attempt a WILD (wake induced lucid dream), but I DID listen to my Alpha 10Hz, 10 minute long ambient song a few times in the day, and … Continue reading

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