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More Automotives

Sadly, I cannot recall much from last night’s lucid dream, but it did seem to echo the night before’s themes a bit. My wife and I were off-roading in mountainous terrain in the middle of the night. The only light … Continue reading

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Macaws and Rickshaws

A quick variation on my “Road to Nowhere” dreams (where I am either lost and/or taking a LONG time trying to get somewhere not very far away), was last night’s dream in which I was going to provide a family … Continue reading

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Better Run Thru the Jungle

My old job was trying to get me to temporarily fill-in for the vacation of an ex-work mate (slight slap in the face), and I mostly ignored this request. The days he would’ve been on vacation were coming up, however, … Continue reading

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Catching Up and Getting Lost

After my “Experienced Dreamer’s” Nightmare, but before my previous two posts’ dreams, I dreamt I was driving down an industrial road with several warehouses off to the sides of it. This was turning into a variation on a reoccurring annoying … Continue reading

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More Service Industry Nightmares

One of the first dreams I recorded on this blog, over a year ago, involved me freaking out in a restaurant over poor service. The other night’s dream was similar but instead of devolving into Robert DeNiro, I became Al … Continue reading

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A Week of DreamZ, in One Night

So I used the DreamZ app all week. You are to place your iPhone (still plugged into the wall) face down under your bed sheets. It never cued up any dreams with the sounds it provided, or the ones I … Continue reading

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“Where the hell is the !@#damn bathroom?!”

I woke up 50 minutes before it was time to get up for work, and I had to take a leak. I was tired and din’t want to wake up and risk not being able to fall back to sleep … Continue reading

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