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Some Fun, Next Level ɥɔǝ⊥

So I’ve been lousy at keeping up here, and sure enough the dreams dissipated. Additionally, cannabis really does seem to repress dream recall, and the general “strength” of dreams. At least for me. Annoyances with the dreams in particular were … Continue reading

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Another Failed WILD

Last night, I woke up and decided to give this another go. This isn’t the best way to go about returning to lucid dreaming (though I seem to recall having, if not a lucid dreaming, a fairly self aware dream… … Continue reading

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Interesting Failed WILD

For the first time in a LONG time, I’ve tried a little closer to the full work I used to do for an entire “Wake, Back to Bed” and “W.I.L.D.” (Wake Initiated Lucid Dreaming). I will attempt to add the … Continue reading

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Sleep Paralysis, Ego Loss Hint & The Teenage Dream

As I am mostly over being sick, there’s little excuse for not having written SOMETHING about every night’s dreams, whether merely a feeling, emotion, image, symbol, etc., etc. But there is something inherently easy about forgetting what we dream. Likewise, … Continue reading

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“Family” Fun & Strange Lucidity

Too Many Puppies I dreamed that a strange mixture of alive and dead family families, as well as complete strangers, a friend, and… The Weeknd(?) were all together (at a house/location I don’t recognize) for some sort of family get-together. … Continue reading

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Dead Loves Ones, and Mind Gaps

Just as I was starting to get better dream recall and even a brief lucid dream, I have caught the flu. This has given my dreams the smack down. It seems to me, the first month I had started this … Continue reading

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Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen

A few nights ago, after purging a great deal of toxins out of my body, my dreams came BACK online in full effect. Strangely enough, the next night SEEMED uneventful, until I remembered I not only had a briefly lucid … Continue reading

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