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Alligators Return & The Home Intruder

So, a continuing theme of fear in my dreams — nightmare if you will — is that of alligators. Living in Florida, and having seen them in their natural environment (and NOT their natural environment, except that we’ve pretty much … Continue reading

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Pain Anchored Wake Initiated Lucid Dream

I woke up last night after a few hours of sleep, with horrible intestinal pain. I must’ve ate something bad, and thought a quick visit to the bathroom and some Imodium AD would take care of it, but after returning … Continue reading

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Rollicking Lucid Motorway

I was dreaming that I was in a house with my sister and my niece. It suddenly dawned on me that my niece was named AFTER my sister (which, in fact, is NOT the case) and all these years I … Continue reading

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Nightmare Land

I was in control of a girl’s journal through stages of a nightmare, where she was supposed to be the lucid dreamer. My job was to put her thru the ringer, to test her ability to maintain control and lucidity. … Continue reading

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Lois and Clark – The Flying Sequence

Last night, I re-downloaded several of the old Dream Induction apps I used to use (Naturespace, Dream Journal and Brainwave Dream Inducer), and I decided what could it hurt to use the Dream Inducer after all this time, perhaps the … Continue reading

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Cross Country Squatters Road Trip Blues

I dreamt that my wife and I were traveling across the country. Every once in a blue moon, I have a dream where I’m driving around a mountain bend, and upon coming around the mountain, a large valley reveals itself … Continue reading

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Shout It Out Loud

A very short, but amusing lucid dream — no doubt brought on by the previous post’s dream. I dreamt I was getting up in the dark to go to the bathroom. But as I turned on the bathroom light and … Continue reading

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