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HEROIC DOSE Report vs. Dreaming

And that’s when I lost my mind… Continue reading

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Marital Separation, Long Lucids and Unhappy/Happy Dreams

Well, despite having a few followers, I mostly still feel like this is a glorified diary and record of dreams. Which, if “all” it was was a record of my dreams, it’s existence would be validated — but right now … Continue reading

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Two Nights of Failed WILDs, but One Lucid

Thursday night, I attempted a Wake Initiated Lucid Dream, and fell asleep and dreamt a woman with the transfered mind of a dog held a baby in her arms, and was looking into the closet I was “wanting” to WILD … Continue reading

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Don’t Drink & Dream…

Or do, it’s up to you. I know I shouldn’t drink and then go to sleep, because I wake up with horrible headaches (even if I just have one beer). I had two drinks, attempted a WILD (fell instantly asleep), … Continue reading

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