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Better Run Thru the Jungle

My old job was trying to get me to temporarily fill-in for the vacation of an ex-work mate (slight slap in the face), and I mostly ignored this request. The days he would’ve been on vacation were coming up, however, … Continue reading

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Catching Up and Getting Lost

After my “Experienced Dreamer’s” Nightmare, but before my previous two posts’ dreams, I dreamt I was driving down an industrial road with several warehouses off to the sides of it. This was turning into a variation on a reoccurring annoying … Continue reading

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Flying Cat Monkeys

Okay, not QUITE that exciting… In between my last post and the nightmare post before it’s dreams, I dreamt that I got up to use the restroom. I was disoriented in the bathroom, as my brain suddenly forgot which side … Continue reading

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A Lovely Drifting Lucid

I haven’t had the greatest lucid dreams lately (for months actually), but one thing that seems to have been occurring in my last several dreams is, I’ve been recognizing a few of my more annoying reoccurring dreams for what they … Continue reading

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Ultimate Nightmare for the Experienced Dreamer

To be fair, I do not truly think I am an “experienced dreamer”, in that I typically have little control even within my lucid dreams, of such things as surroundings and what goes on within those dreams. Sometimes, I can … Continue reading

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